Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heat wave

We are in day two of our tropical heat wave.  Today it was up to 22 degrees.  Above Fahrenheit.  It was glorious.  

We did a little snowboarding and sledding.  On a side note, someone I work with calls it sliding.  I said that is something you do in baseball.   

Anyhoo.  The boy's snowboarding has greatly improved over last year.  Mine has not.  I decided to stick with the sled.  I don't want to break my leg, just weeks before the run. (I think I typed that same exact sentence last year at this time.) I do think they are going to be a bit sore tomorrow.  They took a couple of good tumbles and then added on a few extra rolls, just for effect. 

They were then kind enough to head to the state park down the road so I could take some pictures of the falls covered in ice.  We also saw a beautiful bald eagle, but someone did not have the telephoto lens ready to go.  This time I at least had it along.  Maybe next time I will be prepared.  

I also made some fairly good scones today.  When I have perfected the recipe I will post it.  

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