Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ignore yesterday's post

Why?  Because yesterday was down right balmy compared to today.  This morning it was -20 and that was without windchill. School was called on account of the windchill.  I don't ever remember that happening in our former home.  Hmmm, maybe it never got this frickin' cold.  

We made the best of the day.  Reading, Wii, math, DS, and now we are going to play a little black jack.  I am good mom.  I did actually work for most of the day.  A little difficult with 3 children asking me for something to eat every 5 minutes.  

We thought about going swimming at the Y, but honestly I really don't want to take off my velour pajamas.  

Looks like it is going to be a repeat tomorrow.  EB is out of town, let's pray the windchill is above -35 in the am, otherwise no school again tomorrow.  

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