Friday, January 2, 2009

Name that sound

Monday after work, I was sitting on the end of my bed putting my socks on when I heard the strangest squeak.  I thought, "This $$$$$ bed better not squeak". So I moved and I heard it again.   I sat there for a second, when all of a sudden a cat darted out from under our bed.  I screamed just a little. 

We don't have a cat.  Never have had a cat. Never will have a cat.

I may have frightened the cat. 

I went to get the cat out of the house and it darted back into G's room under the bed.  

EB tried to get the cat out.  Cat did not want to come out.

So I went to the neighbors because, well just because.  

Sure enough they were missing a cat.  Another peek inside their half of the duplex gives me the heebejebees.  I do mean peek, they never open their door more than 6 inches.  Maybe they can't, it is so full of garbage. 

Anyway, the neighbor comes over and EB manages to scoot the cat out from under the bed. Turns out the cat had been missing for a week.  Not sure if got into our garage and then it snuck in when someone left the door open.  

Scared the CRAP out of me.  

On another lovely neighbor note.  Their dog came over and peed on the packages that were delivered today.  Thankfully the Shutterfly package contents were wrapped in plastic or I would have been more ticked than I was.  And now the dogs are barking like mad.  Maybe I need a cocktail.


Amy said...

OMG...that is all I have to say. I would have screamed and used every 4-letter word in the book. Speaking of books, have you thought of penning a novel based on the last year of your life?

BTW, thanks for the b-day wishes. Us December kids get used to being ignored ;)

Michelle said...

It would have to be called. "What the hell?!"

Patti said...

I almost peed myself!! I was sure it was a mouse. Not sure if I would have let that guy into my house!