Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seriously child, you are going to bed

Me, "Alright kids it is time to go to bed."

B, "Mom, dad said I could watch the "Decision"."  ( At this point I am not really sure what the "Decision" is, but it doesn't matter anyway as it is bed time.

Me, "It is 8:00 it is time to go to bed."

B (whining with his head hanging low), "But I want to know where Lebron decides to go."

And we wonder why sports stars have egos bigger than their salaries.  Even our children are brainwashed into thinking there is nothing more important than what this one person is going to do.  As much as I once loved Brett Favre, the hype over what he was going to do last year was obnoxious and ridiculous.

Don't get me on my soapbox about what athletes get paid to do.  My blood pressure can't take it.

On happier notes:

I swear there are 50 teeny tiny cucumbers on each of my cucumber plants.

There are about 20 golf ball sized tomatoes and 5 teeny tiny peppers in my garden.

I ran 3.5 miles, in the rain, last night.

It is a 4 day work week and a 3 paycheck month.

We have no place to go this weekend.  Ahhhhhhhh.

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