Monday, July 12, 2010


Today I had one of those blonde moments.  I can say that because I am was keep pretending I am a blonde with the help of my stylist.

Our new "used" car has one of those "no key" key fobby thingies and inside of that fobby thingy is a valet key.   It also has doors that are supposed to close with the push of the button, only sometimes they close and then when you are not paying attention, you come out of Best Buy and your doors are wide open.  Last night we took the van to the dealership as the car fixit man said it is just a computer update you need, so bring it in and we will fix it.  EB and the kids and I drove the 40 minutes to the dealership and left the valet key in the overnight box.

Fixit man called today and said, "Uh the valet key only opens the door it doesn't start the car." So EB drives 2 hours round trip, in his truck that gets 15 miles to the gallon on a good day, to take him the key fobby thingy.  What a waste of time and money.  I mean it makes perfect sense, there isn't a place to put a key so you need the fobby thingy.  Then I got to thinking and I am wondering what a valet would do with a valet key that only opened your doors.  Isn't the whole point of valet is that they drive your car to you.

That wasn't the only blonde moment I had today, but I am only sharing one.

As for the weekend......

I hung 3 loads of laundry out to dry plus our sheets.   I wanted to take a picture with all the clothes on it, but just about the time I get ready to do that, the thunder rolls and the rain comes in and it was a mad dash to get the clothes down.

We did a little of this.  This is my kind of golf course.  The homes on this course are on wheels and could be moved if needed.  I could probably afford to replace any windows the children or I break.

I don't think this one is going to recover.

I can't wait to try these.  The tomatoes were quite delicious.

Don't buy those bags of seeds that are supposed to attract butterflies, because really, who knows what is a weed and what might one day have a flower on it.  


KT said...

Once a blonde, always a blonde! ;)

Thought you might find this funny (and the title is ironic):

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, your updates are such a pleasure to read! And I'm with you on determining weeds from good plants--SO hard!

alwayssomethin said...

KT that is the story of all our lives. Still cracking up.