Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I hate getting that call....

You know, you see the number pop up and your heart drops a little. It is camp.  Usually it is no big deal someone doesn't feel well or forgot something, but I still worry since they go swimming or are in the river boating almost every day.

Well this time it was this.

They were playing kickball at camp.  Z apparently kicked the ball really hard and B tried to catch it.
A clean break of his thumb, just above the growth plate.

Thankfully it was only his thumb and it was his left hand.  

He kept poking it with his other hand last night and I said stop before you knock it out of alignment.  He said, "It doesn't hurt, I can't feel anything."  Apparently he got really good numbing medication before they set it.

I could tell you all about what bad parents we are and left him at camp for 2 hours after it happened because he couldn't get in to the dr. until later, but why dwell on those things.

Our weather radio just went off again.   That is about the 10th time in two weeks and probably the third time today.  There was a tornado about 5 miles south of here earlier.

Even the overflow valve doesn't help when we are getting this much rain.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful.

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Amy said...

Oh no!!! What just makes the story better is that technically his brother broke his thumb. Just waiting for that to happen in this household.