Saturday, October 4, 2008

"The Expo Crashers"

They say having a good title is critical.  I say, it is just plain difficult.  I could title this post many things.

Another great day.

Friends minus one.

I have created a monster.

Oh what the heck am I thinking.

In fact it is hard just to figure out where to start.  I will go chronologically and hope you will stay until the end.  

A friend, T1,  from our old home, came to town for a conference.  I reaped the rewards of her visit. On Wednesday night it was just the two of us and it was lovely. On Thursday another friend, A , came up and joined us for dinner.  It was even more lovely. We headed to the suburbs, picked a restaurant off the street, plopped ourselves down and had dinner, for more than a couple of hours.  We had a pitcher of Fat Tire, great food and great dessert.  T1 headed south with A to spend the night.

On Friday A, T1 and T2 (a newly acquired friend) came back up for a day of shopping, because let's face it, that is what we do best.  Anyway T2 and A are running in a big race tomorrow and they had to go to the Expo to pick up their race packets first.  T1 and didn't mind, we thought we would just wonder around and wait for them to get their stuff.   

Did you know that they give out tons of free stuff and these expos.  I hadn't been to one in a while and forgot how cool they were.  We tried to restrain ourselves, but when Target is there giving out lots of bags of their Archer Farms snacks and Whole Foods was giving out organic milk and mangosteen juice, one must partake.  So we grabbed a lovely pink bag from a radio station and wandered up and down the isles.  We picked up juice, milk, snacks, t-shirts and lots of race info (incase I lose my mind, again). T1 also had a little shock therapy (Sorry T1, I am cracking up just typing about it.) and a rub down with "The stick".  I also picked up this really cool mini fanny pack thing for running, or more likely, walking for me.

They also had some really great running shirts there.
I run so I can eat.
Running is my therapy.
This sounded like a great idea 3 months ago.
Yes I know, I am almost there. 

After indulging in Expo freebies we headed to lunch, because when with friends, one must eat. A and T2 were quite entertained by the fact that T1 and I were divyying (how do you spell that) up our goods.  I am sure we got much better loot than they did and we weren't even running. G was ecstatic about the dill pickle cashews, when I got home.  Going to one of those sure gets you charged up to consider doing something ridiculously crazy .  I said I wasn't doing that again. Maybe just one more time???????  T2 is crazy and wants to run several more in the next year.  A, blames it all on me. Sure it started with a little conversation at our desks a couple of years ago, but there is no way one can blame me.  She said, " I could never run".  I said, "Yes you can".  And she did. Much more than I ever did. We ran her first 1/2 together.  It was awesome.  Then she brought another friend into it, that would be the crazy T2.  So tomorrow, she (A) will run her third marathon and I will be there to cheer her and T2 on.    I am going to be riding my bike.  

The only thing that could have made the day any better would have been if A2 would have been there.  Next time for sure. 

I must say it again, what a great day.  When you don't get to see your friends for a while, it makes it even better when you do.  THANKS T1 for coming to see us!!!!

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