Monday, September 29, 2008

Round about, traffic circle, call it what you will!

I will call it the "very close to death" circle. 

I mean seriously, why do they think they are a good idea.  Traffic coming from 4 different directions, all trying to fly around this circle where no one HAS to stop.  Yes you are supposed to yield to others who are already in the circle, but seriously, define in the circle. 

There are two death circles on the road our house is on. They are the solution to on and off ramps of the highway.  The speed limit is 45 on the road, but I think you are required to take the traffic circle, going 70.  I swear people fly around the darn things on two wheels.  

The kids are fascinated by them.  When they build their lego and lincoln log cities, they now have traffic circles.  If I take them to school and don't go through the traffic circle, they get a little ticked off.  

They have this fabulous biking/walking trail that happens to cross over the entrances and exits of both of the traffic circles.  They have signs on the ramps and in the circle, that say Yield for pedestrians, but that rarely happens.  In fact I am certain they are getting extra points for scaring the bejeezes out of me.  On the other hand, the people trying to run me over are very friendly.  They always wave and I am certain it is not a single finger wave.  

There is a positive side.  This means I am actually out exercising, but this could be very short lived if I am taken out by a mini cooper.

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