Sunday, October 19, 2008

Train schedule anyone?

We decided to head to my mom and dad's this weekend.  So nice to be close enough to go Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening, no more 10 hour drives.   Since the weather was going to be good we thought we might stop and take some pictures along the way.  

We took the, much much much longer, scenic route.  The only place we really saw to stop and take pictures was this wayside.  We stopped and I climbed down the path to the river and railroad tracks below to check it out.  I thought that might make a cool picture on the railroad tracks with the lake in the background.  So I climbed back up the hill, in my heeled boots, and brought the rest of the gang down. 

The kids were a bit freaked out about me wanting to take a picture on the tracks. "What if a train comes?"  EB says,"There isn't going to be a train."  So we get everything set up and EB and the kids head out to the tracks and I line up the camera.  Before we get set up around the corner, about 300 yards a way, comes a train.  A couple of, "hurry ups" later and everyone including the camera is off the track.  

Now the kids really don't want to go on the track, but they did.  I get the camera set up and the flash turned on and take a test shot and poop, there go the flash batteries.  One test shot is all I got.  I use the on camera flash, but that just won't cut it for a shot of this distance.  I think the idea was good, but not without a flash. So we'll just take more.  There were a couple of others on the lake that might be keepers.

After lunch at G&G's we headed off to Tucker and Becky's pumpkin patch.  I'll share that, later this week.  

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