Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tucker and Becky's

Off to Tucker and Becky's.  There are many signs on the road for Tucker and Becky's.  Why so many signs?  Because Tucker and Becky's is at the bottom of a ravine.  It is a very long, steep and winding road.  You keep thinking, I must be close, there is another sign.  Okay let's face it the only reason we kept going is because we were following my sister and could not have gotten home without her. 

I have decided that Tucker and Becky, must not leave their home between November and May. There is no way.  

Once I recovered from the careening down the ravine, we had a delightful time. (BTW my sister drives like a maniac.) A friend of Tucker and Becky took us on a hayride out to the pumpkin/gourd patch.  The kids picked some beautiful, reasonably priced, pumpkins. We also got a little geological history of the area.  It really is a spectacular back yard view.

Here is a picture of the kids and my niece's son.  What does one call one's niece's son.  If you know, let me know.  I have been posting pictures of my kids, which I said I wouldn't do, but what the heck.  The only people who read this blog know already know my kids.  And puhlease they are so darn cute.

We took a different route home.  Not any slower, but a little less steep.  Who gave you a driver's license anyway, Sister.


Sister said...

Ok, for the record and for anyone who actually reads Michelle's blog, I have to set the record straight. Not once, ok well maybe once on the well traveled/known highway, did I go over the posted speed limit. On the twisty, careening hillside, I went a lot slower than normal!!!! It isn't my fault my father taught me how to corner a vehicle.

Sister said...

2nd note, he is called your great-nephew. Cuz your a great-aunt. Don't let that go to your head. LOL

alwayssomethin said...

did to did to did to