Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beauty that abounds

Although the fall color is a little disappointing this year, there are plenty of beautiful things to take their place.

Today after church, which btw we have gone 4 times and have yet to hear the main pastor speak, we went to this lovely state park just 10 minutes from our house.  We walked a couple of miles, saw a bald eagle circling in the sky, and hiked way down this really big slimy leaf covered hill.  We were not disappointed.  I love the falling water and I saw a fish jump up the waterfall. I, of course, didn't have my camera up.  Still, I could have sat there for hours listening to the water. 

Maybe I sat there a little longer than I needed because of this.

This was just a small portion of it.  It sort of circles around, so you don't accidentally go careening off the side of the hill. It was paved for most of it. That is probably worse when covered with wet leaves.  The kids can't wait to try it out in the snow. 

Let's hope that isn't any time soon.  

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