Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just one minute

What a crazy week.  Sunday I went and stalked my crazy friends who ran a marathon when it was 50 degrees and pouring down rain.  I was the psycho lady in the blaze orange poncho.  They were awesome and I was so jealous of their accomplishment.

Next I was off to Birmingham for a conference.  I was pleasantly surprised by the topography of the city.  I used to live in Florida and I have been to Texas, so I thought the whole south must be that flat, but not Birmingham.  I didn't realize it is the very end of the Appalachian mountains.  Apparently when you get just a bit south of there it completely flattens out.  Anyway it was very pretty and quite warm.

Back at home and feeling like I have spent the last two weeks eating anything and everything in my sight.  Thursday I went out for a run/walk.  EB doesn't like it when I am gone but said he would be supportive of my need to exercise.  Hello if you don't you will just have to continue to watch my fat fanny waddle around the house.   

So it is Saturday morning and I am ready to go at it again.  I know I can get back to it, it just isn't easy.  I said to the wonderful EB, why don't you go with me and the kids can ride their bikes.  I said I am going to go 6.6 miles, but you can just go 1 or so and then turn around.  I am going to walk a minute/run a minute.  You can do it and it would be quality time.  He said, "I can go the whole way with you."  I said, "No, you can't. Besides, the kids can't ride on the highway."  So off we go.  We jog the first minute then, walk the next.  After about the 3 minute of running, EB admits that it is a lot harder than it sounds and probably wouldn't be able to go the whole 6.6 miles. He did go about 1.5, then walked a while and hung out with the kids at the park and then did the whole run/walk thing home.  I was very proud of him.  Myself too, as I made pretty good time.  At least for me.  Gotta go check on plane tickets to JAX.

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