Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up North

Going up north used to mean a 5 hour drive.  

Not so much anymore.  

Now it is a mere 2.5 hours, with the camper.

EB joked that they said it was going to snow on Sunday, when he called to make reservations.  Which by the way, we didn't need.  I guess not everyone wants to camp this time of year.

It almost wasn't a joke.  It was a might bit chilly.  It was actually pretty nice while we were hiking around the falls, but when the sun went down.  


No one  wanted to sit by the fire with me until I bribed them with Smore's

Do you really need 12 candy bars for 5 people to have Smore's.  Jeez I wonder who went to the grocery store for that.  Probably the same EB who will be taking them to work when I am not looking.

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