Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Connected again!

We have internet. 



We tried living without the internet, we couldn't survive.  Okay that is probably an exaggeration, but still it has been difficult.  We are still living without cable, which is fine by me but others are having serious ESPN withdrawal.  

How is this for bad housekeeping.  After we moved out of our former residence our refrigerator died.   The lovely repairman came today and it turns out it wasn't what we suspected happened. Nobody left the door open and then the compressor died.  No it wasn't that.  Turns out you are supposed to remove the front grill at the bottom, just occasionally, and clean out the dust.  If you don't then it will kill your relay switch and the refrigerator will die.  Thankfully, that is a relatively inexpensive fix.

It is amazing to me how blessed we have been through this whole transition. 

Most importantly the kids love their new school.  They are making new friends and they have wonderful before and after school teachers!  Young, with names like Hopper and such.    

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