Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do whatever you like

Yes, I did say that to my hairdresser.  

Should I point out that I just met this hairdresser.  

Yes, she came recommended, but I didn't know her.

I did show her a couple of pictures, but said I was open to anything. 

It is only hair.

It will grow back.  In a matter of days as is the case with my hair.

So she cut and she cut and she thinned and she razored and the hair just kept falling to the floor.

Thankfully I didn't have my glasses on or I might have freaked.  

Then she dried and styled and it actually looked pretty good.  Short but kind of funky.  Goes with my funky glasses.

Then I got up this morning and tried desperately to do in 20 minutes what she did in 5.  On top of that I have the hugest "mosquito bite, as Gabby said" on my upper lip. 

How can you notice hair, when that thing is so distracting.  

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