Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 reasons I will never be a SAHM

10.  Mom, she's touching me.

9.   Mom, I'm Boared

8.  Staying up late, sleeping in.  Sounds good in theory, but it leaves me with much guilt.

7.  Mom, he's touching me.

6.  Mom, there is nothing to do.

5.  Pretzels for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and snickers for a snack.  (I can't believe I let them do it, must be the guilt.

4.  Mom, I'm bored.

3.  Mom, she's touching me.

2.  Mom, Can I play my DS, (20 times a day).

1.  Mom, I'm Bored.

It really has been a good two weeks, but I am ready to go back to work.  Just wish it wasn't so far away.  13 hours is such a long commute:)  

I will probably not be blogging for a few weeks.  I am not taking a computer with me and I highly doubt they will like me blogging my first few weeks at my new job.  Guess I will have to find a library, quickly.

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