Sunday, February 22, 2009


The 2009 AWANA Grand Prix

By victory, I mean, no one went home in tears. 
These cars traveled at 196 mph for a mere 30 feet.
It is amazing what a difference .01 seconds makes.

EB, I mean the kids, did a really great job on their cars.  They stayed up late the last couple of nights making sure that paint was dry and all those nuts stayed in place.  

Yeah, right.

G did win her trophy for the best paint job, which she actually did.

The whole thing was exhausting.  They event was quite sophisticated.  Unlike our last church, where three guys sat at the end of the track to see who won the heat, they had and electronic timer.  Each kid ran 4 races and they posted the results on the screen as they happened.

I think there were about 50 kids participating and 20 trophies:)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

AWESOME! Congrats to your grand prix winners!