Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Justifying our life

For the last few months we have been going through the fabulous process of trying to build a house.  We haven't even broke ground yet and we are not having very much fun. 

When we thought we were going to buy a house, they quickly approved us for the mortgage and said go buy a house.  

Then we decided to build a house.  Well that is another story.  The stuff we have had to go through to get approved to build a house is ridiculous.  A house that costs exactly the same amount as the house we wanted to buy.

Today we gave them every bit of information about the last 6 deposits we have made into our checking and savings.  Including answering questions about why the deposit was not equal to the paycheck.  Word of advice:  Don't get cash back from your deposit. They might ask you were you used the money.  Now, if the EB had direct deposit like 99% of the rest of the world, we could have avoided half of these questions.  And don't write anyone a check for Christmas.  And don't cash our your points card for cash.   

The bank is now swamped with refinance work, so they are putting off our closing once again. This of course puts off digging the hole.

I really just want them to dig the hole!!!!


Patti said...

Man, I hope you included that hairspray. You wouldn't want them to deny your hole because of hairspray.

alwayssomethin said...

Some people have Starbucks, I have hairspray.