Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's an inny, but it aint pretty.

Last night I was walking to G's bedroom to kiss her goodnight.

She says to me, "Your belly button is ugly."  

I happen to be wearing my lounge pants loosely and she could see the scar that starts at my belly button.

I said, "That is a scar from when I had surgery when I was pregnant with B. They opened me up and they could see him moving around in my tummy."

She says, "I'm going to adopt."

She probably won't want to hear my delivery story either.  


Patti said...

Ok, you must be tired. I can usually decifer your missed words and poor spelling, but this time I am at a loss for the words you are lacking.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh dear--I tell my sons that everyone with a bellybutton has a mama who loves them--but actual scar tissue! That means even more!

alwayssomethin said...

Oh dear sister, we need to do a joint blog. You can edit and I can make it pretty.

Oh pooh. I really have to do this when I have more time and not when I am trying to go to bed.

Contest Chris said...

I'm guessing you're right.