Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Charging up

In the technicalness, that is today, I am busy charging everything I own,  just to leave home for 3.5 days.  BTW technicalness did not get flagged by spellcheck.  That can't really be a word, can it?

I am charging my phone, my Zune, and both of my camera batteries.  Yes both.  Yes. I know, I am only going for 3.5 days, but I must take both of my cameras.  

The little one is for the race.  I must take pictures while I am running.  Believe me, that is no special feat, you can barely call what I do running. 

Then there is THE camera, my special baby.  I must take that because we will need to take fabulous pictures of us sweating like pigs when we are done with the run.  

I need my Zune because, I am flying and I don't like to fly and I have a tendency to talk to strangers to much when I am nervous.  I have found that not as many people like that as I do.  If I have my Zune I can just sit quietly and pray!

The phone speaks for itself. 
 See you soon girls!!!!!

1 comment:

Patti said...

Pleeeeease don't sing with your headphones on!! You don't want the pilot to have to declare a state of emergency.