Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Walrus and the penguin

Yesterday we cruised down to G & G's house.  Cruise might be an exaggeration.  Slowly drifted, might be a more accurate description.  Lots of snow and a little wind.  

Once we arrived and consumed a fair amount of sugar and salt and put the drunk bird in the oven, we decided we should take advantage of the warmer temperatures and head out to the back yard to sled.  G & G had gotten their fair share of snow this week and had a good 18-24 inches of fresh powder.  That proved to be a problem.  After a couple of non-productive runs down the hill in my too small saucer, I headed to the garage for a shovel.  

Seems like an oxymoron, shoveling a path down the hill so you can sled.  The snow was very dry and didn't want to pack down, but after about 20 trips up and down the hill, we finally blazed a decent trail. It was starting to get dark so B & G were going to take their last trips down the hill.  B went down on his stomach and declared he looked like a penguin.  Next G-pa (my slightly rotund Dad) decided to go down the hill on his stomach. We decided he looked like a walrus.  Moved about as well as one too.  

We headed to the house and into the kitchen where the drunk bird had leaked all over in the oven and created quite a stink.  Not sure how EB and my brother managed to sit in the house for an hour and never notice that something was burning in the oven.  

We doctored it up the best we could with the some chicken broth and the wonderful rolls my dad made.  

This morning we got up and my dad had made homemade sticky buns and then put our van in their garage with the fire going in the wood stove to warm it up for our trip home.

He is a wonderful G-pa.    

I am looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas with just us.  

BTW - I look great in camouflage snow pants, jacket and a blaze orange stocking cap.  You only wish you could pull off that look like I can.

Also, I just finished a fabulous book.  It is called Shadow Divers, by Robert Kurson.  Fantastic.

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