Sunday, December 28, 2008

7 hours later.

Geez. I have been sitting at this computer for 10 hours and what have I done. 

  • Let's see. My butt is now as flat as my chair and almost as wide. I am sure it will look great in a skirt and heels.
  • The children cleaned the house. Even if it was only to earn more DS time. I didn't have to do it, so it works for me.
  • Edited my html code to create a 3 column blog. Thanks
  • Played with photoshop for about 4 hours to create a new blog header.
  • Realized I forgot one of my best friend's birthday.   SORRY AMY!    I hope it was a good one!
  • Practiced some chords on my guitar.  I can play, G, C and D7.  I can strum along to jingle bells.  Maybe the kids will let me join their band.  Maybe if I promise not to sing. 
  • Ate a small bowl of M&M's and a couple of diet cokes.  Healthy. Healthy. Healthy.
  • Maybe I should go start the lasagna for dinner. At least I can pretend I am a good mother.

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