Thursday, November 13, 2008

Should have stayed in bed

There are some days when you really should not get up.  

It all started at 3:30 am when I heard this barely audible whisper.   "Mom, mom, mom, mom." When I finally came to, from my coma, and was capable of focusing, I made out a small figure at the end of my bed.  Guess who? Yes, it was Z. 

I started to walk him back to bed when he wails, "My leg hurts!"  So we go get some Tylenol and stumble back to his bed.  I rubbed his leg for a while, headed back to bed where I actually fell right asleep, only to be brutally awoken seconds later by that @##$#$%!#$% alarm.  

As I was getting dressed, EB said, "You have one black nylon and one blue."  Back to the fishing for socks expedition.

Off to work.  Around 7:30 I head to the ladies room and as I was washing my hands I discovered that I had put on a blue turtleneck instead of a black one.  I am wearing black shoes, gray pants and a red jacket, with a blue turtleneck.  

I couldn't deal with it.  My co-worker said it looked fine, but I couldn't stand it.  So I ran to Target to get a black turtleneck.  I pulled into the parking lot, stopped at the stop sign, turned on my signal to go into the parking area and then almost drove into the concrete island at the end of the row.  I saw it, I just maybe thought I could drive over it.  After I recover from the embarrassment I parked the car, grabbed my reusable bag, purse and umbrella and headed into the store.  I dropped my bag, so I bent over to pick it up and as i stood up I got my shoe caught in the handle of the bag.  Thankfully I did not land on the ground, but did get even more wet than I was.  I did manage to quickly make my purchases and leave. 

Later in the day, I was on my way to a lunch in learn and I thought I would stop in the bathroom quick.  I opened the door, took a step in and thought, hmmm, that is not where the sinks are in our bathroom.  So I stepped back out and looked at the sign and it said "men".  I heard a flush and quickly retreated, checked the hallway to make sure no one saw me and then headed to the lunch in learn.   

Our lunch and learn was on super foods and she was talking about how great fresh herbs were and that they were really easy to grow in your kitchen.  She said, "Is anyone here a pot grower?"  I said, "No, but I think my neighbors are."  I didn't actually mean to say it out loud, I caught myself off guard.  I cracked up and couldn't stop giggling.  My coworker who knows what is going on started cracking up too.  People were staring and I was turning beet red.  

Thank goodness the day was nearly over and I was able to go home and hide my head in shame. 

Last night I had my hair colored and cut and I think the chemicals really affected my brain.  At least that is my excuse.    

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