Thursday, June 26, 2008

Late bloomer

I love this picture. I framed an 8 x 10 in a black frame with a white mat and hung it in our olive green bedroom.  I think it looks great.  In preparation to sell our house I have taken down a lot of our family pictures and hung a bunch of abstract and landscape pictures I have taken.  

I think they help the rooms show really well.  

On a related note.  We put the for sale sign up yesterday at 5:00 pm.  Last night EB says, "I am a little disappointed that no one has called."  Hello, one car has driven by, please have patience.

24 hours later and maybe I am disappointed as well.  
The disappointment is a strange and completely ridiculous thing. There our houses that have been for sale in our neighborhood for two or more years.  Yes years. Let's hope that does not happen. I/we are moving in a little over two weeks.  

But hey, we are not talking about that, right A.    

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