Thursday, June 19, 2008

The countdown is on.

There will be a whole series of countdowns in my life over the next few weeks, but the biggest one is the one that is farthest off.  Let's face it, even that is only 25 days away.  We have been working every night until way past my bed time getting the house ready to sell.  We will put it on the market next week, after several delays, and then begin some serious praying.  Not that I haven't been doing that a lot lately.  God's got a plan and I am letting him run with it.  I only wish it included more sleep.

Anyway, in 25 days I will leave my kids and the EB behind and go and start my new job.  I am very excited and emotional at the same time.  It is a great opportunity, but I have only been away from my kids for one week, and never without the EB for more than a couple of days.  I think God is taking care of that one too. EB is supposed to be having a phone interview next week.  

On a much lighter and more fun note, have you been to SEARS this week.  Almost all of their Land's End items are on sale.  Okay they are on sale on line too, but if you are bored at work and need to waste some time, head over to SEARS.  Today I bought myself two of their fabulous canvas totes.  The large one was only $15.50 and the medium one was only $13.50.  I am so excited.  So is EB, he said I just really needed another bag didn't I.  I could carry 2 watermelons in that giant bag.  Then I wouldn't leave them under my cart at the grocery store.  

I also picked up a new swim mini bottom, 30% off.  I didn't need a top because, after all, that part didn't grow with my butt over that last year.  Oh well.  Win some lose some.  

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