Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool Factor

Now being cool is not something I have ever been a part of, not for lack of trying, but I just wasn't there.  Had I known this little fact it could have changed my life.

Saturday we went to the amusement park a couple of hours away.  We like to stay overnight, so we can stay until the park closes.  Every time we go overnight anywhere and I mean anywhere, I forget something.  Usually it is my pajamas, that is a whole different story, but often it is my bathing suit.  This time it was my pajamas and half of my bathing suit. Yes, half.  

Around 4:30 pm it started to thunder, lightening and pour down rain. We high tailed it to the car to wait out the rain,  part of our package deal included dinner.  I wasn't about to pay for another dinner when we had a perfectly good, already paid for, one waiting for us inside. Needless to say we were soaked by the time we got to the car, so we changed into the clothes I had brought for the next day.  I had a couple of extra things too, but not enough for full outfits. Cut me some slack, we have been very busy.  

Rain stopped, we went back into the park, ate dinner, kids didn't want to ride anymore rides, so we decided to go back to the hotel and swim.  So we headed to Wal-Mart to find me some pajamas and a top to wear with my bottoms.  Blah, blah, blah......... 

The boys needed dry socks, so we headed over to the sock aisle and perused the socks.  The boys were discussing the merits of "no show" socks, when B leans over and says to Z, "plus they make you look cool."

If I had only known, I could have saved myself years of agony.

PS.  I also let Z by a t-shirt, I am embarrassed to say, I think is hysterical.  It says 

Save Gas, Toot in a jar.  I know I am completely immature, but I find flatulence funny.

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Beachy Mimi said...

That is so funny! I always forget pajamas, too. The poot jar is hysterical. I'm immature, too.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.