Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Seems like it should have been a much more productive weekend than it was.  I have no idea where the time has gone and now I just realized all the kids are out of the pool and I should be helping EB work on the edging at the front of the house.  


Okay, a day later, but back none the less.

I am just going to have to do a list.....

Movie reviews are overrated.

Cars was better than they said.

Looking forward to Larry Crowne, in spite of the reviews.

Fireworks are underrated.

We had at least 7 fireworks shows in our subdivision alone.

Our dogs do not like fireworks, therefore sleep was overrated this weekend as well.

Training is going well.

EB is now WB, the Water Boy.

Signed up for a couple more races.

Yard work is never ending.

A super duper zippy lawnmower will take out a $200 light pole in no time flat.

Bought 300 ft. of weed block and 220 feet of edging.

In hopes of not taking out any parts of the house.

WB does not like hostas.

They are cheap and good filler for around the house.

We'll be having this conversation again.

Wasabi peas are a little overwhelming if you stick 6 in your mouth at once.

Berry mania mmmmmm.......

Almond and chocolate pound cake with cream cheese, whipped topping and berries.  Lots of berries.

Thankful for the swimming pool.

Sunscreen should be free.

Friends coming to see family. but staying with us.  Can't wait.  We'll have lots of good breakfasts.

Painted a cookie jar that we have had for ten years, still in the box.  (Amy you should finish your pig.)

There are pumpkins on the vine.

Tomatoes too.

Green beans should be plentiful.

There are 6 less ground squirrels in the back yard.

The scar will heal WB.

Casey Anthony, not what I expected.  Thank goodness the final judgment is not up to humans.

Ellie and Toffee make me laugh all the time.

Nice to finally have summer weather.

Happy Birthday to my big sister.

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