Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blogging by the fire.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day, even if it does feel like September and not June.  I had a great run of 10.5 miles this morning.  I started out with long sleeve shirt, running skort and gloves.  EB met me at mile 5.5 with Gatorade and more Kleenex.  I dumped the gloves and dirty tissues, downed as much Gatorade as possible in 1.5 minutes and carried on.  It is actually hard to run when you can't breath, darn allergies.

EB, G and I managed to get the errands run and groceries and lunches prepped for the week before 1:00.  We have been trying to empty the pool so that we can move it over about 5 feet and level it, but it taking longer than expected.  Not sure when we will be able to refill it as tomorrow we head to the rents to wish my sister well on her move to Germany.  I certainly hope we get a chance to get there this time.  Everything, of course is waiting on that damn house in Michigan.  Please just sell and be done with it.

We also managed a trip to Trader Joes to stock up on dried fruit for my trail mix for snacks.  Thirty-nine dollars of dried fruit and a few pita chips.  Not even a grocery bag full.  Oh my, why must we eat.  It really just only makes me crazy anyway.  While on that little trip we stopped and picked up some new tomato and cucumber plants, seeing how the blasted @#$%^ ^&**% squirrels literally chewed them in half.  They didn't even eat them, just chewed them off like little beavers.  Really why!! You don't like them, you should know that from last year.  I am going to buy some plastic owls and put them on the side of the garden, they are working to keep the woodpeckers off my bosses house, so maybe they will do the same for me.

Now we are sitting by the fire (still light out) watching the sun set and the hot air balloons float through the sky, while listening to Jason Aldean.  We already ate S'mores, for me it is just graham crackers and marshmallows, I can do without the chocolate.

Today was the Joyful Noise Family Fest and my favorite band, Casting Crowns was there, but we decided to save the $150 and stay home and get things done, but right now they would be getting ready to go on stage.  Oh well, another day.

A little funny,

Last night we were watching America's funniest home videos and there is a video with a kid with panty liners stuck all over his head and body.  Knowing what they are, G says,  "That is disgusting."  Z says, "What they are just big band-aids."  G wants to correct him, I just told her to play along.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Big band-aids--to stop the bleeding! IT makes sense;) Way to run! Way to enjoy your weekend!