Saturday, July 23, 2011

We have an offer

We have an offer and they have accepted our counter offer, unfortunately the inspector they are using is known to ruin many a deal.  It is an old house, it has lots of quirks.  Please say a little prayer that all goes well or at least the things he identifies can be fixed for less than $4000.00  That is our threshold for not having to pay money on a house we don't own.  

It is hard to believe that I can be excited about selling the house we have had for 15 years for $23,000 less than we bought it for, but I am.  I sat down yesterday and figured out what it cost us to actually be in that house, including the interest, loss on the house, improvements etc and it really came to about $1400 a month.  You could say geez that is a lot of money to lose on a house, but all I have to do is think of all the wonderful people I would not have met and called my dearest friends if I had not lived in that house.  We had great times there and we miss our friends a lot.  But we have moved on and dammit I want to be done with the house.

B ended up winning his baseball game Thursday so we have another game today and I have to say it is sticky and yicky outside.  It was a very long 8 miles this morning.  Thank goodness for the EB who is now the WB (water boy).  He saved my life again.

Appliance repair man is coming back this am, so hopefully we will have an oven that works.  A really expensive oven that works.

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