Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When did companies stop standing by their products?

I am so completely frustrated and ready to give up my favorite brands.

About 3 weeks ago the buttons on my Kenmore oven stopped working.  First it was the bake button, next it was the pre-heat button, then the convection bake oven and lastly the convection roast.  This is the oven we have had for less than 2 years.  Yes less than 2 years.  I called Sears and spoke to someone from another country, who of course, didn't speak English as their first language.  I work with a lot of non-native english speaking individuals who I have no trouble understanding, but over the phone it is much more difficult.  Anyway they told me it was going to be $129 for just the service call.  I still had one button that worked so I said pass, but then I really can't bake a cake on convection roast.  So I called again, same situation over again.  I said I wanted my oven fixed, she put me down for the microwave.  That was after a 10 minute conversation.  Then I had to call back to fix the appointment.  That took another 15 minutes while they tried to sell me a million things they tried to sell me when I made the original appointment.  I said, "I really just want to fix the appointment, not anything else, just fix my appointment."

So the service man gets here yesterday, he was here for about 15 minutes and there was a lot of talk, no real action and he says okay that will be $500,  and I'll order the parts and come back next week.  Come back next week, are you fricking kidding me.  I took 1/2 a day of PTO, I am not taking another 1/2 day of PTO, do you know how valuable PTO is.  I said all of that except the fricking part. I should have said, "yeah this is the same thing I told the people on the phone, so you could have had the parts and fixed it right now".  He then said he could come back on a Saturday in a couple of weeks.  Oh yeah.  $500 for an oven that cost about $800 and is less than two years old.

I am so mad.  BTW, when we built our house we bought $4000 worth of Kenmore appliances.  Can't return them, what do you do.  So now I will not be shopping at Sears, which means I can't shop at Land's End.  Do you know how much I love Land's End.

Okay on to other really great news.  It is going to be around 95-100 for the next 7-10 days.

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