Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There is nothing else to say.  14 days with no more than 4 hours of sleep is killing.  

Why the not sleeping?

I have no idea.  Could be the stress.  

Not that I have anything to be stressed about.  

Couldn't be the fact that we have more work than we can possibly conquer at this time. 

I have no idea what we are going to do about this whole house thing.  

Our lovely neighbors.  There is only so much dog poop that I can tolerate from someone else's dog and they have crossed the line. 

On a much happier note.  I had a health assessment today. My cholesterol is great, lots of good stuff.  My BMI, average.  I thought the intake person was going to die when I asked her how much weight I could gain before I was considered overweight.  I just said it was good to know my limits, and then I ate several mini chocolates.   My blood pressure was not great, no matter how many times she took it.  Could be something with the stress.  They pinched my fat, which they had no trouble finding.  I'd like to say that was just skin, but that size two chicky didn't agree.  

Ten more pounds to go.  I know I should be asking how to get to excellent BMI, but that would require work and I don't have the energy for that.  

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Stay the course. The better weather might help, too.