Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just call me a slouch

Tonight Z had a really bad headache and didn't go to baseball, he went to bed instead. That worked out really well for me.  G went to B's baseball game with EB and I stayed home.  This is prime productivity time for me, but something happened and not a whole lot got done.  I took the puppies for a walk, tried to water the garden, did a couple of dishes, prepped for breakfast and now I am sitting on the couch under a blanket.  Yes I know it is June and I am cold.  No the air is not on.  

I really need to get back to blogging on a regular basis.   There so many truly important things to tell you.


How my dogs crack me up.  They act like children.  They talk to each other and then get mad when the other doesn't respond.

How G is singing church hymns in the shower, nope, she just changed to Taylor Swift.

How the wind just won't quit blowing and ruining the $200 in plants that I just put in.

How, tonight, I ate two rice krispy treats and then buried the wrappers in the garbage can.  Then I ate a handful of stale cereal and then a handful of stale chips.  Why I continued to chew and then swallow them, after I realized how bad they were, is beyond me. PMS

How I woke up with a tick crawling on my arm a week ago and haven't slept well since.  And in spite of the tick medicine on the pups, we keep having to pull them off them.  It is so hard to find them on Ellie, since she has silky black fur.  Tick check.

How EB and his friend totally messed up my satellite tv while trying to wire the house for the upcoming internet connection.  I haven't had tv since Monday, which wouldn't really matter except I need my weather!  I need to know in advance if I am going to blow away while walking the dogs.

How my trainer made me do squats while holding a 30 pound wight bar over my head.  My inner thighs hurt!!

How our former tenants are suing us for the security deposit, claiming we didn't properly notify them that we were keeping it.

How I added a 1/2 ton of rock around my pond and it looks so much better.

How my 12 year old believes he needs braces based on an assessment by his 12 year old friend.  He has perfectly straight teeth.

Don't you feel like a more complete person just by reading this!

Is 8:25 too early to go to bed.

Happy 70th Birthday to the most wonderful daddy a girl could ever ask for!  My very own super-hero!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A half ton of rock? Dang!
D woke up with a tick crawling on his neck the other night and I've been skeevy ever since, too. *shudder*