Monday, May 25, 2009

Looking back over my shoulder

Around 6:30 am Saturday, I put on my walking shoes, my music and headed out for a stroll. It was overcast, misty and cool, but I didn't know when I was going to get a chance to get a walk in so off I went.

I had just left my drive way and crossed the street when a car pulled up an rolled down the window. An older gentlman said, "Hi neighbor, I live at the next driveway on the right. I just wanted to let you know that about 20 minutes ago there was a black bear walking down the street between your driveway and ours. I just wanted to let you know to keep an eye open while you are out walking."

Great. Friday night if I had walked out of my house 3 seconds earlier, I could have been taken out by the deer running through my yard. Just feet from my sidewalk.

I said I wanted to live in the country!


Patti said...

Just what did you learn from this? To make sure you have your cameral with you while walking!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A bear? How crazy. And sort of scary.