Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calapiter crazy

It is calapiter heaven in our yard.

They sleep in a lovely pink easter basket, filled with grass, twigs, rocks and a spaghetti jar cover with a dash of water.   We discovered that more than a dash of water could cause a tragedy.

Their easter basket resides in this lovely painted condo, made from recycled material.
You may recognize the exterior.

It has a few extra security measures to keep the buggers from escaping.

There are eight of them, right now, could be more or less later.  Jacus, Chili, Harry, Harelson, Cody, Blueie, Riley,  and Andrea.  Five boys and three girls.  Hmmmm.

They are getting plenty of exercise this afternoon.

They might even make a good afternoon snack.

BTW only 9 days until school is out.  I have only heard this 500 times this weekend.

P.S. No bear sightings yet.

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