Monday, April 7, 2014

On our way to a 5K

Good afternoon ladies.  So glad you are all in with Carmen and me for this fun 5K.  The key word if FUN.  Whether you walk or run it, doesn't matter it is just have fun doing it.

Here is some helpful information.

Link to registration for the race.  Apple Blossom 5K  If you register before May 12th the price is $30 and you are guaranteed a t-shirt. (The t-shirt is the reason I run all my races) After May 12th it is $40.  I will send out a text the week before the 12th to remind you to register for the race.  If you are nervous about committing to the race, I find that when I register for a race, I will never back down and not do it, because I am to cheap to waste money:)

At the very bottom of the page is a link to download a 5K training schedule.  On the document is actually two schedules, one where you will walk more than run and one where you rill run more than walk.  Both of these are 8 week schedules and we have 5 weeks until the race, but I think it is just someplace to start if you are a schedule kind of person.  If you are not a schedule kind of person, just go with the flow.

I am planning on sending no more than 3 text messages a week, so I don't drive you all crazy, but I will also try to post some things on this blog.  Also if anyone else wants to post something motivational to the group, on this blog, just text me and I will make that happen.

I will kick this off with a message a client shared with me last week. Our project is moving along really slowly and I was apologizing and she said to me, "Let me tell you Michelle, every step forward is progress".

Here is another quick link

Spark People link to many different training plans

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