Monday, April 14, 2014

Living for today

This past weekend I was blessed enough to spend some time with this man.  

The picture is fuzzy, but it doesn't matter, because at least I have it.  Hopefully I will be able to collect a few more, but life changes in a instant and nothing is guaranteed.  This is my cousin Mike.  He is just 5 months older than me and spent a lot of time harassing me in my youth.  This past summer he was diagnosed with ALS.  He is not going to have many more birthdays, so he has chosen to make the most of everyone he has left.  

We road tripped down to Chicago and spent a wonderful night laughing and singing with our cousins, our first friends.  We made plans to do it again.  The girls already have a date on the calendar.  We laughed about how we have aged and what we remember about our youth.  Some remembered more than others.  Some may have been under the influence and maybe didn't remember Saturday night on Sunday morning.  I hugged my uncle, thinking about how he is going to watch his child leave him for ever.  

I am trying to use Mike's attitude to remind me that life is about more than a clean house.  It doesn't matter that everything is put back where it is supposed to be.  

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