Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One cranky puppy.

Ellie is on a diet and it is not going well.  She is a couple of pounds overweight, which doesn't seem like a lot, unless you weigh 20 pounds.  Then it is 10% of your body weight.  She has been sitting in the kitchen crying every night.  She sits and cries by the dog food closet.  I know how she feels.  I stinks to be deprived.  I mean really, I only let myself have 3 fudge graham cookies tonight when really I wanted 5.  I am trying to get them more exercise, but they can't make it 4 miles with me and it is getting dark early again, so after I run doesn't really work.  Okay now she is eating EB's crocs.  I really do feel bad for the poor girl.

New TV starts this week.  I recorded Glee and am watching Raising Hope and the Biggest Loser.  If you haven't watched Raising Hope, you really should.  I don't know why but that show makes me laugh all the time.  There isn't really anything else that I am excited about.  Oh except, Modern Family. I always forget about that show.

Tomorrow is camp and, goodness, I haven't even packed.  I have been lectured a couple of times about how I really should get my stuff together.  I have to get to bed.  I need to run 6 miles before camp.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Poor puppy. That's tough for her--and you!
Good luck getting your gear ready to camp.