Sunday, September 18, 2011

I should call it quits.

I know I should just call it quits with this blog.  My posts have become almost obsolete.  I just can't quite do it.

School has started, fall is here and the garden is done.  The pumpkins are just sitting out there waiting to be carved.  It is a little early, but it won't be long.  We are still waiting for something to happen on the house, but I am not holding my breath.

Training has been going well, but I am certainly not going to do this again.  I feel good, but there isn't enough time.  Just realized I was supposed to go over to another parent's house and work on the yearbook tonight.  Oops.  I even had it on my calendar.

Went to a wedding yesterday where everyone, of the groom's friends and family, really dislike the bride.  AWKWARD.  It was strange.  His Dad didn't even come.    I did get some great pictures of the family though.

The Packers , Bucs and believe it or not the Lions won too.

Looking forward to chaperoning 82 fifth graders, at sleep away camp, for three days. Of course camp is just 5 minutes from school, but if you have great facilities, close, you should use them.  I hope the weather forecast improves for Wednesday.  Right now it looks like it will be much like today, which was, lets just say, crappy.  Oh well, it is rain or shine!

Toffee is laying next to me on the couch and one of us needs a bath.  I am thinking it is him, since I showered today.

I have had "The Help" on my list to see since it came out.  Guess I'll be renting it from Redbox.

Lame post, but my brain is tired along with my body.


Kathy Robinson said...

DON'T QUIT! Well, unless you intend to update Facebook on occasion instead. I really enjoy your posts (you are such a gifted writer, have a way with words) so I get to keep up sporadically with your world. Hey, sporadically is all I have too!

Dave has been in charge of our garden ever since I had the ruptured disc in my back. He included pumpkins this year. Way too many. We have 48!!! (Overachiever.)

Amy Howard said...

I agree with Kathy don't quit. I love to see what you guys are doing and the great pictures. I miss talking to you everyday at work so, please don't quit.

alwayssomethin said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies. You made my day. Amy, great to know you are still alive. You post less on facebook than I do.

Ronda said...

Don't quit! I enjoy your blogs and encouragement!