Saturday, January 15, 2011

So far so good.

Third quarter and we are ahead.  Yeah PACKERS!

The snow can go at anytime.  Tonight EB and I went to his work holiday party.  We were letting the kids stay home alone for the first time after dark.  I didn't want to stay late, so we took two cars.  Well there is so much friggin snow, there were no places to park and I ended up coming home, without dinner.  EB stayed.  I do have to complain about the Embassy Suites, yes I put their name out there.  If you book a  party with 400 people you should at least have parking for 200 cars.  We drove around the parking lot 6 times and then stopped to ask where we could park.  They said, "Sorry this is all the parking we have."  Really, that is unacceptable.   Find a parking lot, use your empty shuttle and take people back and forth.  Seriously you need to have a plan.  Plus I bought a dress, new shoes, hose and had good hair, dang it.

Okay, I am done now.  Back to football game.  Aaron Rodgers, you rock!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Go Pack Go!
Not enough parking? For real? that's so wrong. And you know full well most of those people show up as pairs, so there is NO excuse!