Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy come easy go

We lost a fish, Zeplen went bye-bye.  Purchased two new fish.  The lovely sales person at Petsmart talked Z into getting two 20 cent fish instead of 1 $15 fish.  Thank you, as one of those fish was belly up in the morning.

Puppy classes at Petsmart is some sort of racket.  We rarely leave there without spending $30.  Which is, of course, why they have training classes there.  Friday is graduation.  I am not certain these darling little things are going to graduate.  They have to walk down and aisle of treats thrown on the floor and not pick them up.  Thankfully they are not putting dirty socks or underwear down or there wouldn't be any hope at all.   We were going to sign up for the intermediate class, but we found out that our trainer is leaving and we really like her, so we may take back our Friday nights for beer and pizza.

This fabulous weather we are having is really becoming a problem.  My house is filthy and the possibility of getting it cleaned is slim and none.  I am actually a little disgusted by the fact that there is quite a layer of dust right here on the glass desk I am sitting at, but it hard to remain focused when it is 84 degrees in the middle of October.

The lottery drawing is tonight and here's hoping that dollar we spent will come through for us.

Okay I really have to clean this desk.  I can't look at it anymore.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Can they train dogs to clean houses? If they could, you'd really be all set!

Amy said...

What is even worse is that I have friends coming to visit in a week and my house is a total mess. The good thing is that they all know deep down how anal I am so they will assume that some type of dirt fairy has come in and messed up the place. Surely there is no way I can let the place look like this.