Monday, September 13, 2010

Where does the time go.

Two weeks into school and I am already exhausted.

Tonight was the first Parent Group meeting.  I remembered at 8:00.  It started at 6:30.

The new weekly schedule is about to send me over the edge.

Monday - Akido
Tuesday - Football
Wednesday - feeding the children something other than cereal or PBJ
Thursday - Akido
Friday - Puppy training
Saturday - Akido
Sunday - Swimming lessons

Plus, some where in there, I need to fit in 4 days of running.  Just under 3 weeks until race day and I am feeling less than prepared. I did run for an hour and 30 minutes, without keeling over on Saturday, but I certainly wasn't going to set any speed records.

We took Toffee to be neutered today and Ellie doesn't know what to do without her brother.  We went for a walk tonight and she sniffed the ground every inch of the way.  She won't settle down.  Z wanted to know if Toffee's pee pee parts were going to be the same, so he must have some general idea of what is going on.

This weekend we went to my sister's to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary.  We had a wonderful time and played several hand crushing games of spoons.

A friend once told me, "You should really celebrate anniversaries and skip the birthdays.  Birthday's come automatically every year, but in order to have an anniversary it requires work and commitment and should be celebrated"  

I think we are going to do that next year.  We have a tendency to treat it like every other day and it is not.

Congratulations Sister!  Thanks for the fun.


Kathy Robinson said...

The crockpot is your best friend on busy nights like these. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I agree with your friend. Anniversaries are more special!
I'm trying to keep our evening calendar less hectic--SO hard to do!