Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain rain go away, come again another day

Maybe in a month or two.

I feel like we have had our fair share.  9 hours, at an outdoor concert, in the rain, is not as much fun as it might sound.

It is helping the grass grow, but I think it is drowning the tomatoes.  They look terrible.

The water lily is blooming, but may be hard to find in the algae filled pond.  Sister gave me some kelp, but I think I am going to have to buy some fish and snails to help it out.

Glee season finale was wonderful.  I cried and have watched it 4 or possibly 5 times since.  I also downloaded the CD and the kids know every word to "To Sir with Love."  They already had all the Journey tunes down.

Went to a wonderful wedding at which my children behaved fabulously and charmed everyone they came i contact with.

B got one of his behavior bracelets taken away for saying something about I-da-ho, U-da-ho when they were working with a hoe in the garden.  We asked him if he knew what a "ho" was or a prostitute or even sex.  He said no, but that may have been a cover-up.  Someone needs to have a little talk about that before he starts riding the bus with the high school kids in fall.

BTW I could barely stop laughing, while he was telling us what happened.

Another proud parenting moment.


KT said...

LOL. OMG! That will teach you to have your children garden lol.

We've had 3 or 4 baseball games rained out already. By July we'll be having a game a day to make them all up. (Ugh.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This rain. Sheesh.
Your son saying that KILLS me. Mine do the same thing--and they are totally clueless until we clue them in.