Sunday, June 6, 2010

Labor pains

No, I am not giving birth. 

At least not to a child.

We are, however, trying to grow a happy little yard.

Last weekend we moved 15 cubic yards of dirt. That is one big dump truck full. Thank you to the lovely excavation company for dropping it in a couple of different places so we didn't have to move it as far.

EB says no matter how long I stare at it, it isn't going to grow any faster than it is.

This weekend we finished up planting that last of what we are going to plant, for this year anyway.

Needless to say, I am more than a little achy from all this hard labor.  

B got his first shot at mowing, we even let him drive the tractor by himself.  He is 11 but still barely able to hold down the seat and push the clutch at the same time.  EB was worried, but he did alright.  There is a safety feature that as soon as you don't have enough weight on the seat it shuts off.  Between that and the fact that our yard is pretty flat, I wasn't too worried.  Someone should write that down. I wasn't worried.  G thought she should be able to drive it by herself as well.  Just because you are the same size as your brother you are still only 9.  I did let her sit on my lap and drive until my leg fell off.

I made another rhubarb cake (coffee cake like thingy), this one EB gets to take to work.  I took the last one.

A lady from work brought me a chunk of rhubarb and a chunk of rhubarb root.  YEAH! I planted it along side my peonies.  

This is the last week of school and more importantly...........

The GLEE season finale :)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Rhubarb and peonies! That is a darn good start.