Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cereal again

Since I destroyed the meatloaf last night, that was supposed to be for dinner tonight, we had cereal again.

I am trying to plan out my meals for the week and not buy more food than we need, therefore we had nothing.  Not that the kids complained.  They would eat cereal every night of the week.  Me too, except then I really start to feel like a terrible mother.

The 5th graders, B, had their concert tonight.  I unfortunately only got to see about 5 minutes of it.  I had signed up to help with the popcorn fundraiser before and after the concert, only it turned out to be before, DURING and after the concert.  Z was kind enough to take pictures for me since EB is out of town.  They should be interesting.  

Crazy weekend ahead of us.  We have something tomorrow night and three things on Saturday.  We are going to have to divide and conquer.  We are also supposed to have trees delivered on Saturday.  I guess that will take care of what we are doing on Sunday.

I would like to fit Church in there somewhere as the only time we have been there in the last month has been to drop off the kids at Awana.


Amy said...

Stay at home and enjoy your beautiful house before you try and burn it down again.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cereal for dinner is okay. really. Once in a while it is OKAY! My fallback food is pancakes for dinner, which is not much better.
I hope you get some quiet time to enjoy those new trees soon!