Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing catch-up

Wow! I just realized I posted, all of, once last month and only twice the two months prior. Let's see if I can manage 3 posts this month. I had better hurry, this month is half over.

Back to working on the yearbook again. This time I have help. They do seem a bit technically challenged, both with experience and DIAL-UP! We are meeting at school tomorrow to use the high speed internet connection in the library. All three of us are pretty tall, so we should look hysterical sitting at the little computer desks. I tried to get a bunch of mine done tonight that way I can help the TC ladies tomorrow. I was talking to one of the 5th grade teachers today, while we waited for the dawdlers to come back from the bathroom, and she proceeded to go on and on about how wonderful B is. For the most part, I know that, but it sure does make a momma proud to know all of the 5th grade teachers think he is just wonderful and so respectful.

I don't know why I don't hear that about Z.

Still working on the basement. Down to sanding the drywall mud and painting. Of course, we should probably put a door on the bathroom, but why bother. Seriously, I can shut both the door to my bedroom and the bathroom door and they still come in.

I have been back on the treadmill and enjoying all sorts of one word titled movies over that past week. I am sure that is horrible grammar, but who cares. I never manage to see the whole movie. I could watch High School Musical 3 every hour on the hour, but I can't find any of these movies again so I can see the other half. I would like to DVR them. Of course I can't remember the names, but I know that if I saw them again I would recognize them. Three of the movies were on the Sundance channel, two with subtitles. That is a bit tricky when you are on the treadmill.

Lastly, G has told me three times, in the past week, that I am embarrassing her. As I was getting ready to take them to school this morning she says to me, "Mom are you going to do something with your hair before you come take pictures at school? That is kind of embarrassing, you know."

YES! I am an embarrassment to my children.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You need a hat. That's what I do when I take the kids to school in the morning.
What a busy place you're in right now. basement work! yearbook! treadmill! Yikes!