Monday, July 27, 2009

I should lower my expectations

On facebook, I said it was really great to see people and how wonderful my classmates have aged, but the truth is I am not sure I really enjoyed myself. I did enjoy catching up with about 6 of what would have been my really close friends back then, but that was about it.

I had envisioned everyone talking to everyone, but that really didn't happen. For the most part people hung out with the people they hung out with in High School. Now I can't say that I made a great effort to talk to people, I tried but it was just to difficult. Who would have thought, I would turn into an introvert when confronted with people I actually new once. I can talk to complete strangers for hours, but not to my old classmates. High School insecurities run deep. There were about 75 classmates in attendance. I did spend a lot of time trying to remember who people were. I heard people say the same thing about me.

I did find out, in talking to some of my classmates, that one is gay (he told me himself not rumor), one had a brain tumor 5 years ago, and one wants to get a divorce after 23 years of marriage. No sister I won't tell you who told me what.

I survived unscathed. I am very glad I went, if for nothing more than to connect with those 6 people.


Patti said...

Class reunions are just as cliquey as high school itself was. Seriously, who thought to put up the secret crush board. Stupid.

Sometime you will have to call me and we will go through pictures posted and you can tell me who they are.

As for the divorce wannabe, that shouldn't be to hard to figure out. There are not too many people in your class married that long!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, my 20th is in September and I'm really on the fence about it. Hopefully I run into the 6 great people I'd like to see again. Hopefully.