Monday, August 11, 2008

No red face, mommy!

EB, B, G & Z just left and once again I am sitting in my hotel room having a pitty party for myself and watching Tori and Dean. OMG they just said the season finale is tomorrow, what am I going to do?! G said to me as they left, "No red face mommy. Please don't cry because if you cry, I will cry." So I saved my crying until I was on the stairs to my hotel room.

I would like to say it was a fabulous weekend, but I can not. I am trying to remember that the kids are under a lot of stress, as well and having five of us in one little hotel room, but I was ready to have them go home on Saturday. Really but not really. The boys just refused to listen to anything we would say. G is really handling this better than anyone. We looked at several houses this weekend and I didn't have to ask her once to "stop touching" anything. The same can not be said for the boys.

I think we have decided on a house, well sort of. One of the houses we looked at and loved was new construction. One little problem, it is a bit too small. It is a 1600 sq ft ranch with 3 bedrooms and an unfinished 1600 sq ft basement. So we met with the builder and his wife, who are living in the house with their 4 children, and have worked out a plan. They are going to build us a new house with 4 bedrooms and around 1800 sq ft. It is still smaller than we really wanted, but I think the very open floor plan will work for our family. The kitchen is beautiful and there is plenty of cabinets and counter space. Best of all 2, can I just say 2, bathrooms, plus plumbed for a 3rd in the basement. More than one child can p... at the same time.

I am still having a hard time comprehending what we are going to pay for a house that is not a whole lot bigger than our old house we are going to give away. Then again, it is new. Yes new. Oh the sound of that is really pretty amazing to me.

12 days and then I will see them again and they will all be coming back with me.

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