Saturday, February 5, 2011

One day to go!!!

Tomorrow is the big day and I can't wait.  Snack ingredients and beverages are in the fridge.

I burned as many calories as possible the last couple of days, so I could eat all those snacks and drink all those beverages.

Craziness abounds at our house as usual.  Let's see, today is basketball x 2, Aikido, birthday party, balloon launch, iceskating and snack preparation.  Of course we have yet to buy a birthday present, why be prepared when you can cram it all in one day.

It is supposed to snow again, surprise there.  I mean we have only had 60 inches of snow so far this year.  I think we should shoot for 100.  Let's go for way above average.  Of course we could be south of here and getting feet of snow in one day, so I shouldn't complain.  My sister lives in Dallas, just a mere 15 miles from the stadium, where she has had to work from home because the roads are way to icy.  I feel genuinely bad for all those people who have tickets to the game and may not make it there, due to this stinking weather.

These are the times when I global warming, where?  We have had below average temperatures this winter again!!


Yesterday I took green and gold cookies to work and I made them say Go Pack Go, before they could have one.  I think there may have been a few Vikings resistors that stole cookies when I wasn't looking.

Boy am I good at rambling on about nothing!

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