Monday, March 15, 2010

Elvis was good to me.

I keep wondering what I do with all my time, since I am not exercising regularly and I am certainly not updating my blog.

What the heck am I doing.

I can't be doing much, or I would have something to write about.

Saturday we took a road trip to IKEA to purchase a mirror I really wanted.
That didn't happen. Turns out it was entirely to big to fit in the van. So we bought two cheap office chairs for the kids to zoom about the craft room. Don't ask why we didn't get three. Then we had some swedish meatballs and came home.

Yesterday I spent nearly the entire day sitting on my front porch. It was 66 degrees and we were treated to the sight of about 13 bald eagles soaring over our house. Welcome back birdies.

A couple weeks ago we took a road trip to my parent's and went bowling.

If you look closely the bowling ball in my mom's hand it sports a young Elvis. I borrowed him and managed to bowl a 174 and a 169. Not bad for only bowling once a year.

That is all I got.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well hot damn that's some good bowling! I'm in a league and I don't post those numbers!
I am glad we don't live near IKEA--I bet I'd have more furniture than I'd know what to do with!