Sunday, October 25, 2009

So much for conserving water

When we decided to put in a whirlpool tub, I didn't really think we would use it. I thought it is such a waste of water and electricity, but we have used it several times already.

The kids got to take their first dip in it tonight, after I let them have Mc Donald's for dinner.
I must not be feeling well.

G went to a Halloween sleepover last night where she stayed up until 2 am. So after swimming lessons and a bath, she crawled to her bedroom and was silent immediately.

BTW, body wash is not the same as bubble bath. I had to take a couple of buckets of bubbles out of the tub.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh yeah, BUBBLES! My sons have had several bubble explosions in our whirlpool tub...I scoop out the foam and put it in the sinks, shower, anywhere I can!
She looks awfully happy, though:)